Payment for Air Ticket

We GGI Buyers are RWA, we are ready, will and able to pay cash for your Air Ticket.
But prior payment for the ticket the documentation fot first shipment must be completed.

First delivery:

Mr Deso is RWA for Advance.

  1. Risk Management Basics HERE.
  2. Air Ticket purchase procedure HERE.
  3. Advance Bill Document Sample HERE.

For sure we the GGI Buyers are RWA for First Delivery Agents/passengers Air Tickets costs compensation.

We the buyers shall compensate the Air Ticket costs IF & WHEN the basic requirements are fulfilled:

  1. We the semi refined AU Commodity buyers have received the credible semi refined AU Commodity FCO.
  2. The credible FCO has been sent via AU Commodity owner/exporter's representative email address.
  3. The AU Commodity owner/exporter company representative has submited his authorisation document.
  4. The credible CGO Contract has been completed and signed.

Basic conditions for CGO Contract completion:

  1. No advanced commitments for AU Commodity export procedure.
  2. No advanced commitments for AU Commodity freight procedure.

For sure, we the end buyers corporation members are RWA for the stated compensation.


  1. Export procedure must be prepared before Air Ticket costs compensation.
  2. AU Commodity export procedure must be completed by the owner/exporter.