TTM Options & Rules & Timeline for Top Table Meeting

TTM Meeting Mr Deso is possible at Airport Brussels or Frankfurt or Paris (30 Minutes should suffice).

For confirmation of TTM the Export documentation of AU Commodity must be completed first HERE.

Min. quantity of  first delivery 10 KGS, AU Commodity to be delivered by Agent of Seller Group.

Day of week: Monday

Airport Meeting schedule
Brussels Either AM 8.00 / 8.30 or PM 2.00 / 2.30
Frankfurt Either AM 8.30 / 9.00 or PM 3.00 / 3.30
Paris Either AM 8.00 / 8.30 or PM 1.00 / 1.30

After TTM the AU Commodity shipment to be delivered to Airport Ljubljana.

There is no FOB Buyer among members of GGI Buyer Group for AU Commodity buying.

GGI Representative may travel to meeting Airport location IF & WHEN the basic requirements are fulfilled:

  1. GGI has received credible FCO for AU Commodity delivery to Airport Ljubljana.
  2. FCO has been sent/received via AU Commodity owner/exporter's representative email address.
  3. AU Commodity owner/exporter company representative has submited his authorisation document.
  4. CGO Contract has been completed and signed.

Basic conditions for CGO Contract completion:

  1. No advanced commitments for AU Commodity export procedure.
  2. No advanced commitments for AU Commodity freight procedure.

We GGI Buyer Group are RWA for compensation of delivery costs, upon agreement

Prior TTM Export documentation must be completed HERE.

Mr Deso is Mandat for all buyers of GGI Buyer Group.