Incoterms DAP, CIF, FOB, Etc.

Incoterms DAP = Delivered At Place = Full CIF

Incoterms Definitions HERE.

DAP - Delivered at Place

Definition: This term means that the seller pays all the costs of transportation (export fees, carriage, insurance, and destination port charges) up to and including the delivery of the goods to the final destination. The buyer is responsible to pay only the import duty/taxes/customs costs. The buyer also is responsible to unload the goods from the vehicle at the final destination.[5]

Note: The big difference between DAP and DAT is that with DAP the seller is responsible for the final leg of the journey and the buyer is responsible for the final unloading of the goods. This term applies to any mode of transport.

Delivery destination options:

  1. EU Slovenia, Airport Ljubljana.
  2. EU Austria, Airport Vienna.
  3. Switzerland, Airport Zurich.

Incoterms DAP = Full CIF.

Incoterms DAP = Delivered At Place.

Incoterms DAP Ljubljana means Delivered At Place (Airport) Ljubljana. Therefore local freight (cost) for calculation is not needed. Accommodation will be arranged, do not have to worry.

Offers/destinations like CIF Belgium/Brussels are not acceptable, will not be processed.

To start buyers' procedure credible FCO for first delivery is needed, market price only.

Incoterms DAP Details:


There is no FOB AU Commodity Buyer among members of GGI Corporation.

For special procedures details like Bamako FOB procedure (Mali, Africa) credible Semi Refined Owner/Exporter's FCO is needed first. Please be aware, TTM requests received from lobbyists will be rejected. For credible FCO's content view HERE.