Schengen Visa Procedure

Your nearest/closest embassy/consulate HERE.

Instruction for your Schengen Visa Cover letter HERE.

Payment for Air Ticket of your Agent HERE.

Visa procedure can start via Visa application.

Visa application must be issued by Visa applicant.

Sample for Schengen Visa Page in Passport HERE.

Visa applicant:

  • Either Business Man or Turist traveler may apply for Short term Visa,
  • Either Student going for Educational Vacations may apply for Student Visa,
  • Or Your Agent for AU Commodity deliveries apply for Business/Turist/Student Visa,
  • Etc.

Visa applicant must have travel insurance that should not cost more than 30 (40) Euros.

Should you need assistance as regard of travel insurance check best inter partner on this regard:

Visa applicant must have Host.

  • Letter of invitation for the Visitors, Sample HERE.
  • Proof of accomodation for the Visitors, Sample HERE.

Namely, Turist traveler or Student traveler is able to handcarry AU Bag also, for sure.

Therefore your or owner/seller expenses for Turist or Student Visa will be optimised/minimised.

Call your nearest embassy/consulate to check the procedure for Schengen Visa for Turist or Student for short term visit.

Mr Deso & Co is RWA, Ready, Will and Able, to be Host for your Schengen Visa Applicant.

But your credible FCO Selling offer is needed first!

For continuation of advisory for Visa procedure:

  1. Credible FCO for first delivery is needed.
  2. Delivery Agents/Visitors' Passports are needed.
  • HERE (preparation activities).
  • HERE (business invitation draft).
  • HERE (presentation letter sample).
  • HERE (letter of invitation sample).
  • HERE (letter of guarantee sample).
  • HERE (application form).

Detailed information may be given upon receiving credible FCO for first delivery.

It is recommended to travel two or more persons/visitors, mostly for safety reasons.

Interview at your nearest embassy for your delivery agents is needed.


Basic steps for the first delivery:

  1. AU Commodity Owner/Exporter's credible FCO, HERE.
  2. Upon receiving the FCO GGI Support Team will arrange CGO Contract Draft, HERE.
  3. Upon receiving the delivery agents's Passport may follow the Business invitation, HERE.
  4. Delivery agent Embassy/Consulate appointment booking for Visa procedure.
  5. Delivery agent hand carry delivery trip schedule planning.


Basic information for Visa Application:

  1. To apply for Schengen Visa the Host from Schengen Country is needed.
  2. You may submit an application for Schengen Visa in any EU Member Country Consulate/Embassy HERE.
  3. The credible Schengen Visa allows entering in EU at any Airport in any EU Country.


For Schengen Visa look for information at stated country/consulate/embassy:

  • HERE List for Africa, Middle East.
  • HERE List for Asia, Oceania.
  • HERE List for C.America, S.America.


Schengen Visa procedure:

  1. Visitor make phone call for the nearest Schengen country embassy.
  2. Visitor/traveler issues the Schengen Visa Aplication for the planned visit.
  3. Application must be sent for the Shengen Country Embassy.
  4. Applicant/visitor must follow the procedure in the application.
  5. Host issues the Notarized copy of Letter of invitation in the form of Notarized Letter of guarantee (prior that the exact data for invitees needed).
  6. Invitees/agents make trip to any Schengen Country Consulate/Embassy (equipped with all relevant documents like Passport etc.).

Delivery Agents (seller's representatives) with credible Schengen Visas issued from any Schengen Country/Embassy may travel to Airport Ljubljana EU Slovenia.


Your Host for your Visit in Schengen area will be available upon receiving credible FCO for first delivery.


Data needed for invitees:

  1. Name.
  2. Surname.
  3. Date of birth.
  4. Nationality.
  5. Name and address of the legal Entity/Company where the invitee is employed or where he/she can be reached/contacted.
  6. Credible Helth insurance policy (needed for Visa Application).